Esquire Financing Inc

About Esquire Financing Inc.
Who we are

Esquire Financing Inc. is an SME-lending company offering fast, hassle-free, non-collateral business loans tailor fit to the needs, goals, and cash flows of each small and medium-sized business owner.

There are over1 MILLIONregistered
businesses in the Philippines today
Of which,99.6%are considered MSMEs
They employ70%of the workforce
Yet, they have only attributed,32%of the GDP
Only20%get access to funding from
formal financing institutionsHeads
EFI is a direct response to the need of the underserved sector, we aim to make business loans accessible and convenient.

Our core advantage is providing non-collateral business loans in a timely manner based on cash flow analysis. We offer loan amounts betweenPHP 100,000 to PHP 10,000,000.

Our Advocacy

We recognize the difficulty entrepreneurs face when acquiring loans and saw the potential opportunity for a business that could be dedicated to helping local enterprises grow.

We took the time to understand what business owners really needed from a financing partner and this became the foundation of how we crafted our loan features: fast, hassle-free, and non-collateral. Ultimately, by advocating for SME growth through financing, we are helping in the advancement of a sector that can make the Philippine economy a driving force in Southeast Asia.

Our Company Cornerstones

To be a global leader in growth stage financing.


FUELING DREAMSof entrepreneurs by providing financial support and business advisory services to achieve success.

FUELING DREAMSof our team by fostering a family culture that empowers and inspires career growth.

"EFI" Values

Efficiency– We shall work as a team to promote an unparalleled customer experience.

Flexibility– We create possibilities through open communication.

Integrity– Trust and honesty are the pillars of our organization.