The Management

Rajan Uttamchandani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer- Aside from being at the helm of Esquire Financing Inc. (EFI), Rajan Uttamchandani is also the President and CEO of Esquire International Financing Inc., a leading financing company with significant operations in the Philippines, India, the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Rajan joined the financing industry at a very young age through Esquire International. This early exposure contributed a lot to his financial and business expertise — an expertise that paved the way to the attainment of his vision of creating EFI, a company that caters to the financial needs of Philippine businesses.

Ravi Uttamchandani, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer- Ravi Uttamchandani sits at the Board of Directors of Esquire International Financing, Inc. and HELP, Inc.

Ravi, an avid sportsman and social figure, belongs to an elite network of next generation business decision makers in the Philippines. He was tapped by EFI to lead its Corporate Development Group in line with the company’s vision to build financial and business partnerships with an extensive number of commercial industries in the country.

Navin Uttamchandani, President and Chief Financial Officer- Navin Uttamchandani is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Esquire Financing Inc. Prior to joining EFI, Navin spent 6 years with Standard Chartered Bank, having assumed key responsibilities in the development and launch of Wealth Management and Priority Banking products and services.

He helped set up the Bank’s Bancassurance and Premium Currency Investments businesses, contributed to the conceptualization and management of its marketing programs, and developed frontline scorecards and incentive programs. He has also worked in Credit, Business Strategy, and Branch Operations.