Sustainability Strategy

We have identified what we are deeply passionate about, what we do best, and how our company's value is generated. By letting these three factors work synergistically, we have created a Hedgehog Strategy.

The passion that drives our company is the desire to support and develop the country's SME sector. We strongly believe that creating financial accessibilty for SMEs is the key to sustaining economic growth in the Philippines. All of our endeavors are geared toward this purpose.

The core of our business is risk management. We pride ourselves on our in-house credit evaluation process, which enables us to successfully manage risk levels. This assures investors that we run our business with a thorough loan evaluation system and intelligent decisions.

Conclusively, our passion and our core business feed EFI's economic engine. We derive our company value from the interest income from business loans issued to small and medium business in the Philippines. By staying profitable, EFI's sustainability as the leader in growth stage financing is assured.

Hedgehog strategy